South Waikato Lions Supporters Saturday programme

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Saturday programme

Date: November / 28 / 2013

See below for programme order Saturday 30 November


‘RISING TALENT'      Saturday 30 November 2013 5pm

A concert featuring South Waikato Lions Supporters'S Junior dancers, and including guest items



"Run the World"


"Tutus Noir"  GUEST ITEM


"Jingle Bells"




"Saturday Night at the Movies"


"Dancing Dolls"


"Smooth Criminal"


"Who You Are" GUEST ITEM


"Ballerina Gets Funky"




"Feilding's Fairies"


"Vocal Solo" Riley Booth  GUEST ITEM


"Rhinocerous Tap" 


"Stray Cat Strut"


"Sweet Dreams"  GUEST ITEM


"Dance Australia Recall"   GUEST ITEM





"Ave Maria"  Vocals: Briana Allan    GUEST ITEM


"Singing in the Rain"




"Titanium"  GUEST ITEM







"Dance Solo'    Alecia Viles      GUEST ITEM


"Ma Nah Ma Nah"


"Pink Panther"  


"Sneaker Night"


"Bring the Action"


"Les Patineurs"




"Express Yourself"


"A Little Party Never Killed Nobody"  GUEST ITEM