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178 new couples/families have arrived in Tokoroa in past 12 months

July / 12 / 2010
It is fantastic that Tokoroa now has 178 new couples/families that are living here.

After reviewing the list of those who have arrived, we have been very encouraged to find that 78% of those listed have come to Tokoroa for employment or business opportunities. This confirms what many people have said about Tokoroa, that 'Tokoroa is an untapped goldmine".

It is also encouraging to see new commercial premises being built in Tokoroa, all of which are creating further employment opportunities. People have realised the potential of the town are willing to put their money into Tokoroa. We welcome all new residents, businesses and welcome enquires from those who are yet to arrive.

There is a new Milk Processing Plant and two new supermarkets to be built in Tokoroa during the next 12 months. This is very pleasing for Tokoroa and will ensure that we continue to grow.

There are still numerous untapped opportunities in the district and people are now catching on. Outsiders see what a great position we are in and they see the potential that we have.

Please continue to be yourself - and welcome strangers, as we are so well known for doing.