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Tokoroa. Five Great Reasons to Relocate to Tokoroa with the 999 other couples.
Tokoroa1. Cash up elsewhere, relocate and become mortgage free in Tokoroa. We would love to see you enjoy our facilities. Thanks to buying in Tokoroa, you can even buy a house bus, have room to park it or go on that overseas holiday.

2. If you are young and looking to use your skills, Tokoroa has a place for you and your family. Become a home buyer and enjoy a more peaceful life. Or, retire here, relax and enjoy life in our friendly and vibrant community.

3. Tokoroa has educational facilities to cater for all your needs. There are numerous high quality facilities for young children, older children and even several adult learning opportunities. Enjoy walking to your place of learning.

4. Wherever you are in Tokoroa, you are close to shops and service areas. The town is mostly flat and easy to navigate for children, adults and senior residents on mobility scooters. There are no traffic lights or parking meters. We also have a lake reserve and many other recreational areas to enjoy.

5. Tokoroa is central and within 1 hours drive from Hamilton, Tauranga, Matamata, Rotorua and Taupo. We are also within 1 hours drive from both the East and West coast. State Highway 1 goes right through town with double lanes North and South. State Highway 32 is also accessed through Tokoroa and heads West.

Not convinced, then check this out:

  • We have to offer:
  • Affordable land and housing, $150,000 - $250,000 gets an awesome property
  • Affordable land for new businesses
  • Central - within 1 hr of Taupo, Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga, Te Awamutu, Cambridge
  • State Highway 1 going through the centre, railway to Tauranga port
  • State highway 30 (east to west) crosses south of town
  • A bustling retail community, a growing industrial sector
  • Main trading banks and several major chain businesses
  • Forestry (Kinleith) and farming (Lichfield) and an increasing dairy farming industry
  • Several heavy engineering and associated companies
  • All levels of schooling - with several successful and fantastic past students
  • Waiariki Polytech and Te Wananga O Aotearoa
  • A pro-active council who favours expansion
  • Infrastructure to allow for a massive increase
  • A continual lowering crime rate - (despite a different past and a previous media kicking)
  • A community focused Police Force
  • Diverse cultures making it a great mix with several ethnic eating houses
  • Hospital and several medical centres
  • Tokoroa lifecare village and residences
  • Several churches who run various programmes

Numerous sports groups - almost every sporting body
Golf clubs - very affordable annual subs, championship course
Bowling clubs - strong membership and national title winners and NZ reps
Tennis club
Bridge club
Athletics club - an internationally rated member
Soccer, Rugby, Netball, League, Touch Rugby, Hockey, Cricket (winter and summer competitions)
Heated pool - several groups for all age groups (including therapy classes)
Kart racing
Cycling groups
Martial Arts - several styles, Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Kung Fu
Shooting club and pistol club
RSA clubs and their various adjuncts
Stroke support club
Walking groups
Retirement villages in Tokoroa and Putaruru
Absence of parking meters and traffic lights

Huge Dairy farming expansion in the area - 80,000 new cows in the region
Huge geothermal and roading projects - 35mins from Tokoroa (near Taupo)
New residents arriving, either retiring or working and enjoying a more peaceful life
After years of decline we are now rising above and putting our name back on the map
A real lack of tagging - almost tag free

A low crime rate - statistically Tokoroa is a heck of a lot safer than Auckland or Rotorua. Tokoroa - you are less likely to be burgled than the national average, and if you are, you are more likely to have it solved than the national average.

Welcome from Tokoroa.