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Peter 51 yr ex-Tauranga wrote,

"I was planning a career change & found a great opportunity in Tokoroa through property investment.
The more I looked at Tokoroa, the more opportunity I could see. In October 1999 we moved here,settled & quickly made friends.
The town was undersold & I was astounded at the opportunities that abounded then & those that continue now.
I have found this town to be:
F - friendly
A - affordable
C - central
T - Tokoroa "
Wayne 32 yr - wrote,

"I have lived here several years. We were ready to leave 5 years ago and then something big happened!!!
We took our blinders off and saw what Tokoroa and the South Waikato had to offer. Honestly, this is true
Tokoroa has almost completely shaken it's previous negative image. It is climbing up and emerging as a town
poised for future growth and positivity. There are numerous new people shifting here every year.
Several ex-residents are returning as well and they all comment that the place has changed for the better.
The community has become very strong, diverse and attractable for those who are here and those yet to come.
A common theme I hear is this: Tokoroa - have a mortgage and a life!
Several older and mature residents have also come to the area.
We are located close to both coasts, (Taupo, Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga all within 1 hour) and only 2 hours from Auckland.
Tokoroa benefits from a community focused Police Force who are involved in their community.
Tagging is almost non-existent and crime is a heck of a lot lower than Auckland for example.
Residents in Tokoroa are less likely to be burgled than the national average - and if you are burgled in Tokoroa,
you are more likely to have it solved than the average kiwi. (Crime stats 2007-08)
There are new businesses that have arrived, farming is getting huge around Tokoroa and the forestry industry plods along as well.
Tokoroa has infrastructure to support at least another 5000 people. Many people know this and are coming to the place.
There is almost every club, sports body and organisation represented in Tokoroa and they cater for all ages. "

Roddy 39 yr ex-Hamilton wrote,

"A friend who I play chess with sold up his house on Waiheke Island for $600,000 and moved to Tokoroa
 into a $35,000 house in Clyde Street and invested the rest of the money. He has since sold that small house and purchased a $230,000 three bedroom house on two acres of land with two triple garages. I looked for work in town and come to work at the Council in their strategic team. My wife and I rented a house for six months and then purchased a house for around 1/4 the median house price for a 3 bedroom home. I live there with my wife and 6 year old son (2009). My son loves the education he has got in Tokoroa, including music teachers and swimming classes in the local hot indoor pools."
Dulcie and Bob 60's yr ex-Auckland wrote,
We were thinking of leaving Auckland so we had spent holidays checking out smaller towns and cities. We had a wish list. A town with a hospital, the basic shops and a thriving club scene. A longtime friend brought a home in Tokoroa and asked Bob to do some decorating for him. He returned to our house in Manukau saying we going to Tokoroa and buy a mobile home. What do you think! I was shocked because Tokoroa was never on the list of possible towns. Why was he so enthusiatic about Tokoroa? He had been talking to the neighbours who made him feel welcome and showed they were freindly and loved their town. In the next few weeks we made trips to the town and I was convinced it was what we should do. We bought a house which meant that we had a nice house, a mobile home and savings. Yipee we could realistically think of retiring. This was 2 years ago and we do not regret it. We had found the friendly town we were looking for with all the amenities we wanted and it is close to Rotorua, Taupo Hamilton and a number of out-door activities. Life without the stress of a mortgage is rejuvenating.

John 70's yr ex-Wellington wrote,

I called in to do some banking to Tokoroa on my way to Auckland on State Highway one. One I got a park right out side the bank in Tokoroa. As I was going to the bank someone said "goodmorning a beautiful day!". I went in the bank and got a great friendly reception. As I left the bank somebody else said "good morning". This built up my interest to have a good look around after looking at Waikato and the Bay before I got here. I was looking around the shops and I said to my wife "this seems a friendly town that we have not had a good look at yet". And she agreed. While in Auckland I kept a note of the weather patterns of Tokoroa and it looked good. So on the way home from Auckland to Wellington we stopped in at a motel for a few nights to have a better look around. We saw enough to satisfy us. Went back to wellington and put our house on the market in Porirua. 2.5 months latter we were in Tokoroa. I sold up in a big city and i spent 2/3 on the Tokoroa house that was on par and I had 1/3 to go in the bank. That was two years ago and I still have it in the bank. Rates are cheaper and the insurence cheaper also and less total travel to shops and no parking fees so I am ahead and happy. Wife is good and loving it. (age 70's both)
Barry 64yrs, ex Taumarunui wrote,

Like many others, I came to Tokoroa for 2 years. Went to inleith to make a fortune. There is no other place I would wish to live. Still trying to make my fortune???????

Carol & Bryan Johns, ex Western Australia

My name is Carol Johns and my husband Bryan and I arrived in New Zealand in January 2006 from Western Australia as our daughter had married a Kiwi and they had decided to settle in New Zealand. We owned a farm and horse stud in Western Australia, however without our daughter's help it was impossible to run it any longer so we decided to come to New Zealand as well.
On arrival we stayed at Raglan where our son -in -law had a batch and bought a car with the intention of looking at a lot of towns about one and half hours from Hamilton where my daughter and son-in-law had bought a home.
We travelled to many towns, however we had to find one which had a hospital, and provided some of the sports we were interested in, for myself equestrian sports and netball, for my husband anything to do with vintage motorbikes and cars.
On our travels we arrived in Tokoroa and decided to have lunch and look at the local real estate agents at homes for sale. We went in after seeing one advertised next to the lake area, she took us there to have a look at it also explaining to us that Tokoroa had all the things we had on our list of requirements ,plus a lot of other attractions we did not know about such as how central Tokoroa is to all the major tourist attractions of the North Island within a 2 hour drive to the beach, snow fields, Rotoroa, and Taupo.
In the three years we have lived here we have had many visitors from Australia, all have enjoyed staying in Tokoroa with us, have found the local community very friendly and have enjoyed visiting all the tourist attractions in the area.
My husband and I also love the climate here, many of our family and friends said we would freeze in New Zealand, however we have not found Tokoroa any colder in the winter than the Southwest of Western Australia and the summer weather is really lovely.
We would recommend Tokoroa to anyone who wishes to immigrate or relocate to another area, it has the following attributes.
1. Hospital
2. Schools and Churches (Primary, Intermediate and High Schools)
3. Affordable housing
4. Great climate
5. Low Crime
6. Every sporting and social club you could want (this includes a lovely golf course, indoor swimming pool, and many sporting grounds.
7.Easy access to most of the tourist attractions of the North Island.
8. Very friendly community and our opinion is, TOKOROA IS NEW ZEALAND'S BEST KEPT SECRET.

If you are new to the Tokoroa area or returning to live here, please take the time to contact me so that I can get your story. Your story is important and we look forward to sharing it. Please send a message to me through the 'Contact' button on the main page. Thank you in advance.