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Te Waihou Walkway

Te Waihou

Walking Track Information

The walkway is a distance of 4.7 kilometres, with an average walking time of 1.5 hours (3 hours return). The terrain varies from easy walking to backcountry trekking with stile crossings. In some areas the track has been benched and steps constructed through the gorge area. Hazards such as waterfalls, electric fences and livestock may be encountered along the way.

Getting to Te Waihou is easy. The Whites Road carpark is on State Highway 28, which feeds off both State Highway 1 and 5.


Protect the Blue Spring

The 2015-16 summer period saw a significant increase in usage at Te Waihou and especially swimming in the Blue Spring area. This increase in use has caused a significant degradation of the environment surrounding the Blue Spring.

The Blue Spring (Te Puna) is a natural taonga (treasure) formed through the special and delicate merger of geology, ecology, freshwater biology, and geography over many hundreds of thousands of years

We ask track users to please join us as kaitiaki (guardians) to do what they can to ensure the beauty and clarity of the Blue Spring is protected for this and future generations.

The Blue Spring is very fragile, and the clarity and purity of its waters sustain not only the Putaruru community but many others in New Zealand and the world.

Let's work together to protect this treasure, we encourage all visitors take in the beauty of this area, and to enjoy its pristine waters, but to please refrain from swimming within the Blue Spring.

Please help the South Waikato District Council, Raukawa - the iwi of this region, and the local community to keep our Puna beautiful, and ensure everything that you bring with you during your visit, leaves with you.