Welcome to the South Waikato

Great Reasons to relocate to the South Waikato with the 999 other couples
1. Cash up elsewhere, relocate and become mortgage free in Tokoroa. We would love to see you enjoy our facilities. Thanks to buying in Tokoroa, you can even buy a house bus, have room to park it or go on that overseas holiday.

2. If you are young and looking to use your skills, Tokoroa has a place for you and your family. Become a home buyer and enjoy a more peaceful life. Or, retire here, relax and enjoy life in our friendly and vibrant community. Welcome to the South Waikato.

Tokoroa construction begins
As a sign that Tokoroa is moving ahead, both New World and Countdown are building new stores, said to be a lot larger than their current stores. This is very encouraging for the people of Tokoroa and it is clear that both supermarkets have strong confidence in the future of Tokoroa.

Tokoroa is also set to get a Dairy Factory, situated in the industrial area on Browning street. Council ...
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178 new couples/families have arrived in Tokoroa in past 12 months
It is fantastic that Tokoroa now has 178 new couples/families that are living here.

After reviewing the list of those who have arrived, we have been very encouraged to find that 78% of those listed have come to Tokoroa for employment or business opportunities. This confirms what many people have said about Tokoroa, that 'Tokoroa is an untapped goldmine".

It is also encouraging to ...
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Tokoroa Culture on display

It's best known as a timber town but Tokoroa's also proving a cultural melting pot for the arts.

An exhibition entitled Homeboy/homegirl '04: Tokoroa Reprezent, curated by Leafa/Janice Wilson and sponsored by the South Waikato District Council, is running at Waikato University's WEL Energy Trust Academy of Performing Arts till 29 August.

A broad range of works from ...

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